Life at hometown

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Have been doing my internship for 2 months. Left 1 month to go.
Everything is going smooth.
No study life only drama life.
At first, i totally cannot adapt the working life.
Felt so tiring but now i started to enjoy it! haha..

It's the time to headache again.
Gonna register subjects soon.
2 more sem to go and i really hope that everything goes smooth for that 2 sem.
Bless me please.. :)

About 4 months staying at my hometown for my internship and holidays.
Guess what have i done with this few months?
Eat! Eat! Eat! Hunt for glorious food and enjoy it before back to jungle.
Been to BM for steamboat for 3 times and i only got the luck to eat when the 3rd time.
The steamboat which i started to have it since i was sm
all. My grandpa love to bring us to there.

Let the pictures show for more details.
Restoran Steamboat Hooi Kee @ Sri Rambai.

The fried taogua is nice especially dip it with the sauce that made by them.

The RM50 ingredients.

Mix steamboat.

Mae Salong

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Mae Salong Thai Restaurant @ Sungai Petani.
Knew this restaurant from my friend's blog long time ago but i never have a chance to go over there. Mae Salong is a thai cuisine which is located in SP.
Last week finally i had the chance to go. Jio-ed by Jiawei & Jingzhou. Headed there with Eling and Yeechong as well. The environment over there is really nice but the food is just so so. Not really delicious. Different people might have different taste. Yeechong said the tomyam soup is nicer compared with Khuntai one but i dont think so. Well u all can have a try. It's super easy to go. :)

= the entrance =

My 2 weeks holiday left few days to go. Gonna start my intern next week! Bless me please.
Seriously when i mixes with my friends @ hometown, i feel more and more comfortable. As i always said, old friends still is the BEST! We dont care so much, talk about everything and laugh out loud. Dislikes Kampar's life so much but still have to overcome it. :s Hope everything will be better in the coming year. Face it dont fear! :)


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This is not your room.
This is not only your friend's room.
This is not single room nor triple room.

At least if you want to do so,
just open the door slowly to get my attention first.
Please do respect me!

Lil updates

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Im back!
Ended my midterms test on last Saturday and here goes the final exam.
Get a suck timetable again, 2 papers in a day.
My final exam timetable never be pretty before except for the short sem.

Well, for the past weeks im busying with my midterms and assignments.
Going back Penang in 2 weeks time.
Few programmes has been fixed but still gonna find some times to prepare for my final.

Lots of thing happened recently.
Though it was not physically happened, but can still feel it.
Shouldn't because of too perasan ba. haha.
Nothing that we can do. Just try to solve it naturally.
It's coincidence?
or something else?
We dont know and we are not able to know as well.

Emo had strike me off lately. :(

Random VII

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For every moment in our life,
things come and go.
Friends are also the same.

treating others good will bring hurts and troublesome to you.
This is the statement that i have been experienced before.

People around are come from different world with different thinking.
Not everyone is just as simple as you thought.
Be alert and stay quite for all the time is the safest way to stay alive in this complicated world.
For sure, there might be someone who is good enough to remind you about this.

Couldn't compare myself with the rest.
I have realized about it and feels like im a failure.
But i still can accept the truth and just trying to let it be.

Lil break

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Had a little break before the nightmare start. It's mid of the sem and for sure all the midterms are coming soon for the following 5 weeks.

Okay let's talk about my day in Penang island. Penang is always full with delicious foods. Went to Balik Pulau with family on Friday for durians and laksa. It was my first time to try Kim's Laksa. It isn't that nice compare with the opposite of old pasar one. Anyway, it still can be acceptable. :) Im always craving for laksa when im @ Kampar. Had the white nutmeg with sour plum which introduced by my dad from the coffee shop. It's so awesomeeeee. Me LOVE! Hehe. After laksa, of cause it's turn to buy durians as balik pulau is quite famous with durians. Bought some kampung durians home for our supper. Police are everywhere in Balik Pulau and you know why? It's because Agong is going over there and yeah we met him when we are going down the hill.

Nutmeg with sour plum + laksa + view of balik pulau

Get to try the durians on the spot

Went to repair the G12 and headed to Gurney Plaza as Sis wanted to shop for her heels as she is going to start working on 1st of July. Good luck and all the best to her for her first job as auditor. I hate audit so much but so sad to say that i will be work as auditor for my coming internship. :(
Went to James Foo for our dinner which was suggested by my sis. It was my first time been to there after they moved to new shop. More comfortable environment but with higher price compared to last time. But it's still considered reasonable.

Carrot juice with milk
Start to love it after my housemate introduced it to me.

Mix Chicken with Fish.

Went to Tesco Tanjung Pinang which has just opened few days ago. Quite big and i bought a mouse from there for my lappie. :)

My new mouse. *cute*

End of the post. Guess i will update my blog after my midterms END. :S

3 6 5

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A year in UTAR, A year in Kampar.

As i always mentioned, time flies super duper fast. I've finished my 2nd year degree course. Currently is a year 3 student. Degree life is totally different with diploma. Standard is higher and life is turning tougher.
No more borrow-edit assignments, every assignment we have to search for the company and complete it by our OWN. I only do that for 3 or 4 assignments in Tarc for that 2 years. But now i've done that for more than 10 assignments for that 1 year. :D
No more last minutes study as relying on the notes given is not enough at all. Text books are so important.
No more burning midnight oil for the whole night and straight go for exam as in the age is increasing.
Im glad that i did enjoyed during my diploma life although not 100%. =) I miss my Tar college life so much. Went for food hunting with Xiyen, went for movies with my classmates, went for supper with friends and alot alot.

So far everything is still okay for me in this year except for my result. T_T Driving all the way to the Kampar makes parts of my relatives and friends surprised a lot. My friend told me that since last time i drive to college he already could not believed and now even drive till Kampar. Till now, he only believed that i am so independent. But seriously driving is extremely tired. =S

Although there's nothing special in Kampar, no entertainment, no shopping malls, no cinemas but i dont understand why i'll getting fatter since i was there. KEEP FIT has becomes my daily activity but im still in failure stage. LOL.

Done with this post. Will update my blog more often. :)
Hopes my year 3 will be much much better. Good luck to everyone as well.

Random VI

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Deng! im here just to do a simple update for my blog to keep it alive. Hoho.
As shown, my final is around the corner and everyone is busying prepare for it.
This time i get a super "great" timetable ya. lol.
How come everytime when there is an event, my midterm and final for sure will crash with it ha? Couldn't attend my cousin's wedding dinner in May. At here, wish her stay happily with her husband forever ya. =))

Oh ya, recently i have make something as my habit, which is switch off my phone at night when im sleeping. Before that, i always heard my friend, my sis or even my family to do so. Some just leave the handphones in the living room instead of put it in the bedroom. Due to my laziness, i didn't do that for the past few years until my mum told me about a baby issue. The issue is something like this : A mum always use her phone to set the alarm and put it at nearby of her bed when she is sleeping and now she gave a birth. The baby have his heart outside of his body. This is the consequence of the radio action from the phone. Can you imagine about that?

Since i heard about the issue, i started to switch off my phone every night.
So everyone,
please off your handphone when you are sleeping.

Prevention is better than cure. =)

Busy life

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Hello people!
Finally Im free from midterms.
But next week still got 2 presentation and 1 assignments.
After that, week 12 got MUET exam and week 13 as well.
Week15 will start my final exam d. I have not enough time to rest at all.
The busiest trimester ever!
UTAR memang is University Tidak Ada Rehat.

Anyway im going back to my hometown next week.
6 weeks suffering at here is so damn down la wey. Haha.
Gonna stop crapping at here and off to assignment.

Super Show 3

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19th March 2011
It's SuperShow 3 in Malaysia.
Again, i missed the chance to meet up the boys.
All ELFs are enjoying in the stadium right now whereas im doing my assignment after the midterm. Mad~~~

Hopes all the fans will take a good care for the boys and themselves as well.
Dont hurt the boys like what China fan did.
Enjoy the SHOW~!
Super Junior hwaiting! =)


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Recently quite many things happened on ex-CLB students. The most serious issue is about the accident that happened in Gerik which 4 students were dead. 2 of them were from CLB and same uniform as me.

I felt so sad when i knew the incident. Both juniors were good in result. Even one of them get 13As in SPM but he did not manage to get the JPA scholarship, matrikulasi and form 6(although i dont know with what reason) and so he went to Institusi Pendidikan Guru.

Anyway no one hope for the accident, so just dont blame anyone include God. I was kinda shocked to see one of their brother wrote this to our teacher. " Ooi Layseik, 请不要对一个无法自我辩驳的往生者做出毫无根据的指责." and this is the reply from the teacher "Disen, I didn't mean it, sorry... 难过之余,我觉得很失败,原来我在你心目中是这样的一个老师!我虽然很会骂学生,但我从来不无乱指责。那是一场意外,谁也不想,也改变不了。大家都难过,身为他的亲人,我了解你的心情。你的指责、误解,我哑口无言。。。对不起". Although i dont know what is happening as there might be some misunderstanding between it, but i just hope that dont blame anyone as i said. Hopes the 4 victims will rest in peace.

An important reminder :

Please be safe during driving!!!


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又是一个在 miderm 时发生的状况。

Stay strong & Be Happy~*
Time will cure everything for u. =)

Bunny year

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Blogging about my Bunny chinese new year~*
Thia year my cousin them didn't come back for the reunion dinner from kl and so our our reunion dinner in this year slightly changed a bit. No BBQ for this year as the amount of members cut 1/3. :D Most of us at here cant eat alot compared with them. Hence, we decided to make it simple.

Make a visit to our buddies' house on Chu 3 and 4. Eling make the planning and it really works. Had dim sum as breakfast in the morning and the total is quite alot. Rm110 for 7 ppl. Normal price is about RM8-9 per person. Jingzhou said that the people might count wrong as he saw her count twice for some plates. But then when he told us, we already leaved the shop. @@ swt!

Went to few houses for the visiting and of cause thanks to Eling for sponsor the lunch of the day - steamboat. whee~~ Headed to nibong tebal for visiting XianHui in the next day. A funny thing had happened. Our planning was started our journey at 10am but end up William cant wake up in time and we delayed our schedule. 1 car reached there at 1030am and the other 2 cars reached at 12pm. As expected, get scolded from them. Haha! Anyway, thanks to those who driving on that 2 days. 辛苦了!

Take lots of photos during the whole journey and the following are my favourite~! :))


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It has been 2 months since my last post. The first post in 2011.

Just went to consult eye specialist today and he finally proved that i have a chalazion in my eyelid. Why im so bad in luck? About a year ago, i have fungus grown in my ear and now is eye problem. :(

Luckily this chalazion does not cause any negative effect. I just hope it don't grow bigger in size and faster break off. *praying hard everyday*
Get scolded from the doctor. He said Dont ever put on contact lens when your eye is not 100%. Hahah. No more contact lens from today onwards.
Seriuosly, nothing is more important than have a healthy body. Please do take a good care everyone.

Well, now is the mid of the sem and so horrible midterm is coming soon.
I'll be having my 5 midterms in continuous 5 saturdays.
Super hate these midterms. "Thanks" to the midterms, i couldn't make myself to the Bangkok trip. I wanna go shopping la. And also "thanks" to the midterms, i couldn't attend Super Show 3 in KL. FATE!

Anyway, good luck to all ELFs who are Q-ing in the Sg Wang now for purchase the ticket tomorrow. Take care!