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Can i?

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Someone told me that i should stop emo and stay happy from today onwards;
Someone reminded me that now im just a friend;
Someone taught me that i should not bother so much;
Someone asked me to think more about myself;
Someone told me that my test is more important.

Different people, different advise BUT the same motive.

Can i really do it?

Since something had happened, i can guess that you will escape from the problems that you face. But i never blame you. I have many examples that happened previously for me to refer although their status and gender might be different with me. I know what should i do so that you wont stay away from me. But sometimes it's hard for me to control myself. Really sorry about it. I dont want you feel guilty towards it. I just hope that you can recover soon and be relax. Dont ever say sorry again. Take the time to take good care of yourself. And maybe you will found something after it. =)
Please do remember there's no right or wrong in a relationship.


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- 11 months and 17 days -
- 347 days -


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考完 mid term test 后,
在去Gurney 的途中,听了好多好多朋友的故事。
我不会这么容易放弃的。。加油!倪佩佳。。 =)


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I finally get to understand that feeling. Finally~ Haiz. It torturing me whole day. Don't ever go and try it!
Had an unforgettable Sunday. Cant concentrate in my studies for the mid term test and end up forced myself to take a nap in the evening.
Please do appreciate what you guys have now. Don't regret later. Sometimes something will happened suddenly and out of expected.

at last
- Good Luck to STPM friends -


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It has been long time i didn't update my blog already. Miikael and Bak Chim started to ask me update my blog. Hehe.
Feel touched when i know that people are still paying attention on my blog. Thanks guys =)
Time passed so fast. Week 6 is coming soon which means that midterm tests are approaching. I wish i have 48 hours a day because i really lack of time! I need more and more time to do more things. T_T Sem 2 of year 2 is really tough enough for me. The most hectic life that i had in Tarc. Hope i can do well in this sem. If i could make it, then next sem will be very easy. *study hard work hard*
Short post for this time.