Happy 1st Birthday

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orning world~ ^^*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my blog~!!!
Happy 1st birthday.

Im so proud of myself for didn't give up in blogging.
This blog records every single moment of my life and thanks to it, i can keep everything that happened in my life without using my brain space. Lols.

I promise I wont neglect my blog.
I will try to update it once i have time.

Happy birthday to you, my bloggie. ^^

Random III

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Missing you guys so much.
Feel sad that i couldn't back to Penang at this time as in Jiawei is in Penang now while Xianhui is coming back on next week.
Im sure that we still have the chance to meet.
Take care. ^^*


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Woke up at 620am today and till now i still haven't headed to my bed.
Today~ It's today~
Finally i had communicate with my downstairs housemates. Although some of them had already went back to their hometown but we still able to talk with the rest. I was staying at this hostel for around 2 months, but because our hostel is 3 stories and yet every floor have own mini kitchen and every rooms have their own toilets, so we are quite difficult to meet with the rest and talk to them. Even more worst, today was the 1st time i met one of my housemate - Cherrish. Lol.
Most of them are our senior, all are Penang Lang~! ^^
The world is so small. I can't believe that the sister of my housemate is my friend. =D
It's good to hear that and makes me feel that we are getting closer to each other. All of them are so nice and the most important thing is we can Zhor Xiao together. Huhuhu.
Hopes that we can live together happily. =)

* 1149 *

Congratz to my besties, Miss Xiao Han aka Ivyone;
Stay happily and stay sweet together with your Mr.J ya;


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Diploma life is officially ended!
2 years of diploma life are so meaningful to me. Time flies, and now all of us choose different pathway for our future. Appreciate everything, every second, everyday. =)

Had my diploma convocation on last Saturday. It's great to meet you guys again and glad that all of you are still remain the same, active as usual. Hehe.

The only thing that i felt sad is because my ex-classrep, Weng Kit said he can't recognize me when we met up after the convo briefing. Lol. I guess it should be because im getting darker, fatter and my head become bigger. xD

Thanks for everything

Happy 20th birthday to Mr. Lim Fang Yong;
Enjoy your last week in Penang;
And lastly all da best in Aussie yea.