BBQ + Steamboat

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Finally Xianhui is back and of cause it's gathering time!
Before he leave and after she came back, we held this BBQ and Steamboat on friday night.
Forced to held it in my house because there is no better choice.

Start to set up everything around 730pm. I was sweating from the start till the end. *yucks*
The fish, sotong and chicken are so delicious. It's worth to pay for it. =p
Something funny happened on that night where everyone is dropping down something from themselves. That's why we quite becareful with friends who sit beside us. Haha.
In the middle of the gathering, we went to Giant buy more drinks as they were prepared not enough. I think this is the first time i went to supermarket and it's preparing to close.
Continued to eat and kept on chatting after that.

Clean up the dirty after everyone stop eating.
I felt too bad that we wasted a lot of foods especially the fish. =(
And no photo for this time cause no one is free to capture.

At last, bon voyage to Jiawei who is on the way going back to Aussie.
One is going back while another one is coming back on the same day. xD
Oppps. almost forget about this.
Super Junior M's first mini album - Super Girl
I finally get this from Xianhui. Thanks for helping me to grab it. whee~

Tooth Fairy

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Today was the last paper for this semester.
The paper was ended at 1200.
After fetch Xuehui, we headed to Gurney to meet up Tatt and Xiyen for lunch and of course the movie - Tooth Fairy.

As all of my friends know i seldom give positive feedback to any movie because i dont really interested in watching movie or maybe it's depends on mood. Haha.
But this Tooth Fairy is strongly recommended by me. For me, it is a extremely nice movie. The storyline is interesting. Although 4 of us is very tired and sleepy but the movie keeps us awake and makes everyone laugh out loud. Love it.


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I have finished my 3rd paper yesterday. Not in study mood after that.
Chatting with Miss Ivyone through msn. This is the first time i chat with her for so long.

Miss Ivyone - she is the first friend that i mix with in my class. We used to attend our sport activity together. She is the best groupmate for all the assignments in this 2 years, the most suitable friend that can consult me when im having problems. Whee~ We are getting closer in this 2 months.
Appreciate the friendship. =)

During the chatting, we talked about the past . present . future
Something that i realied is Chung Ling Butterworth students are always connected with Jit Sin High School students.
This does happened to my friends and her friends. The world is so small. =D
Felt happy with the chatting. I don't know why. Haha.

Quoted from her :
[ Life is too short, please do love yourself more ]

Friendship Quotes from

Friendship Quotes

Hopes our friendship will last forever. Take care. ^^