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Recently quite many things happened on ex-CLB students. The most serious issue is about the accident that happened in Gerik which 4 students were dead. 2 of them were from CLB and same uniform as me.

I felt so sad when i knew the incident. Both juniors were good in result. Even one of them get 13As in SPM but he did not manage to get the JPA scholarship, matrikulasi and form 6(although i dont know with what reason) and so he went to Institusi Pendidikan Guru.

Anyway no one hope for the accident, so just dont blame anyone include God. I was kinda shocked to see one of their brother wrote this to our teacher. " Ooi Layseik, 请不要对一个无法自我辩驳的往生者做出毫无根据的指责." and this is the reply from the teacher "Disen, I didn't mean it, sorry... 难过之余,我觉得很失败,原来我在你心目中是这样的一个老师!我虽然很会骂学生,但我从来不无乱指责。那是一场意外,谁也不想,也改变不了。大家都难过,身为他的亲人,我了解你的心情。你的指责、误解,我哑口无言。。。对不起". Although i dont know what is happening as there might be some misunderstanding between it, but i just hope that dont blame anyone as i said. Hopes the 4 victims will rest in peace.

An important reminder :

Please be safe during driving!!!



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