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It has been 2 months since my last post. The first post in 2011.

Just went to consult eye specialist today and he finally proved that i have a chalazion in my eyelid. Why im so bad in luck? About a year ago, i have fungus grown in my ear and now is eye problem. :(

Luckily this chalazion does not cause any negative effect. I just hope it don't grow bigger in size and faster break off. *praying hard everyday*
Get scolded from the doctor. He said Dont ever put on contact lens when your eye is not 100%. Hahah. No more contact lens from today onwards.
Seriuosly, nothing is more important than have a healthy body. Please do take a good care everyone.

Well, now is the mid of the sem and so horrible midterm is coming soon.
I'll be having my 5 midterms in continuous 5 saturdays.
Super hate these midterms. "Thanks" to the midterms, i couldn't make myself to the Bangkok trip. I wanna go shopping la. And also "thanks" to the midterms, i couldn't attend Super Show 3 in KL. FATE!

Anyway, good luck to all ELFs who are Q-ing in the Sg Wang now for purchase the ticket tomorrow. Take care!


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