End of holidays

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My holidays come to the end. This is the first time i don't want my holiday to end so earlier. Having lots of fun with my friends during the sem break as all of them are here. =) Kinda miss it. Hang our everyday every night. I have watched few movies during my sem break.

- Tiger Woohoo -

- Avatar -

- 72 tenants of prosperity -

- Percy Jackson and the lightning thief -

- True legend -

Soon, everyone is going back to their college and Uni after a great chinese new year holiday. Hope to see you guys again in the coming holiday. Hehe.
Tomorrow my last semester in diploma will begin. 7 weeks more in Tarc. I hope that it will be a nice semester for me. At least must have a nice ending memory with my college friends. ^^ Oppps, and the most important thing is my result will be released on tomorrow. Played enough and it's the time to worry. Good luck to everyone.

Trip to SP and Alor Star

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Awake by a call from Jason. I was told by him that they are departing now. Oppps, i just realised i off my alarm clock as usual. Wake up unwillingly because i just slept for 4 hours. They reached my house at 840am and i haven't ready. Prepared everything rushly and we went for breakfast at Chai Leng Park. After that we start our journey which is headed to Sungai Petani and Alor Star to visit Chungkiang, Rachel and Ka Khim.

Kinda lazy write d. Let pictures talk.

Chungkiang with the milk. =D

Adorable kid

Rachel with us

Alor Star's 爱玉冰. Different with Penang's.

Have a visit to Muzium Padi but there's nothing.

End up, we have our photo shooting at the entrance.

Paddy field

Alor Star Tower

Windy on the top of the tower.

Group photo.

Small Alor Star Tower.

Time to say Goodbye.
First time have a trip with my classmates. It's a tiring journey as in we start from morning till the night non-stop but it's fun. =) Glad to have a nice moment with you all.