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A year in UTAR, A year in Kampar.

As i always mentioned, time flies super duper fast. I've finished my 2nd year degree course. Currently is a year 3 student. Degree life is totally different with diploma. Standard is higher and life is turning tougher.
No more borrow-edit assignments, every assignment we have to search for the company and complete it by our OWN. I only do that for 3 or 4 assignments in Tarc for that 2 years. But now i've done that for more than 10 assignments for that 1 year. :D
No more last minutes study as relying on the notes given is not enough at all. Text books are so important.
No more burning midnight oil for the whole night and straight go for exam as in the age is increasing.
Im glad that i did enjoyed during my diploma life although not 100%. =) I miss my Tar college life so much. Went for food hunting with Xiyen, went for movies with my classmates, went for supper with friends and alot alot.

So far everything is still okay for me in this year except for my result. T_T Driving all the way to the Kampar makes parts of my relatives and friends surprised a lot. My friend told me that since last time i drive to college he already could not believed and now even drive till Kampar. Till now, he only believed that i am so independent. But seriously driving is extremely tired. =S

Although there's nothing special in Kampar, no entertainment, no shopping malls, no cinemas but i dont understand why i'll getting fatter since i was there. KEEP FIT has becomes my daily activity but im still in failure stage. LOL.

Done with this post. Will update my blog more often. :)
Hopes my year 3 will be much much better. Good luck to everyone as well.


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