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Last day of 2009~
2009 is the most special year among this 19 years for me.
This year Im going to make a overall conclusion for 09 of mine because there are too many things happened in this year no matter is good or bad.

Thanks my family bring me go for vacation for about 3 times in this year.
Thanks for gave me lots of love although it is not available now already.
Thanks my friends for helping me around this year.
Thanks to everyone and sorry for what i had done wrongly throughout the year.

Year 2009:
First time visited to my friends' house during Chinese New Year.
First time celebrated Valentine day.
First time my close relative passed away.
First time need to solve everything, mentally or physically, by myself.
First time experienced a great Xmas eve with my friends.
First time my TVXQ and SJ faced a serious problem with their management company.
First time-first time-first time.
There are too many first time and i cant list out all.
Some of these first time bring lots of happiness to me but in the same time some also leads me to become more tough in facing any challenges, leads me to be more independent, leads me to appreciate family and friends around me, leads me to accept the truth and cruel of the world, etc.

2010, a whole new life.
Anything going to be a re-start.
Hope everything will be smooth in year 2010.
All the best to everyone.

Christmas eve 2009

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My very first time went to celebrate Christmas eve.
A rush day.
Went back my sweet home after my lecture dismiss,
but once i reached home and plan to rest,
my friend text me said that they are coming to fetch me. Lol.
That time i still haven't take my shower.
Prepared myself in 15 minutes and they reached.
Headed to Auto City to have our dinner in Tao.

Early birds


Late-late comers. Haha.
Forgot to took another one.

Went to play mahjung after that.
Im still a newbie but they are pro-kaki.
Now i know to play mahjung but still don't know how to play cards. Haha.
Had our countdown at Starbucks.
Thanks William for treat us the drinks. Whee~~

~ Merry Xmas ~

19th Birthday

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Im officially 19 on 20th Dec 09.
Last year of age start with "1".
Going to become older and older. T_T
This year the birthday turns to normal again.

Went to Soho celebrate my birthday with my family.

- Soho -

- Chicken Cordon Bleu -

- Guinness Draught -

" Happy birthday to ME "


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BBQ and steamboat again~
Went for gathering with my high school classmate last weekend and i suddenly realised that my ex-classmate really like to BBQ. haha.
This time the BBQ held at Jing Zhou's father's store house. Again, im latecomer. The location is very chim ya. I used 20min to round in the taman to find it. haha. Make a lot of funny things with Eeng Ling when we are finding that house.
I still got met most of them after graduate except my ex-monitor. =)
All still the same. not much changes.
Miss the high school time. Dont have any worries.
Love to chat with them although sometimes is quite swt. haha.
Thanks for the small suprise. *i can guess it before the BBQ* =D

Chit chat-ing

Weiloon is busying for the last round

Forcing Jiawei to face the camera but end up also useless

Me and my Ji Mui


both crazy d

Chinese new year we will have our class gathering again. Especially for Xianhui who is still studying at China. haha. Cant wait for that. ^^
Keep in touch~!

Again and Again

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They are back~!
As usual, four of us went to yum cha in the early morning once both of them are back. =)
Chit chat a lot and was laughing in the whole morning ^^
We stay at the dim sum shop until our tea become tasteless.

= Four of us =

= Me and Miss Eeng Ling =

= The 10 years brother =

7th December

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Thanks for you guys concern.
Really glad of having you guys as my friends.
One year ago, it was started with happily.
Unfortunately, one year later, it was ended.
Being emo since yesterday.
Think a lot of past.
Dont worry friend, i will be recovering completely soon.
As what you all said, what i need is time.
Time cures everything.



祝福你们吧~ =)

Sarawak Trip

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Had a trip with my parents to Kuching, Sarawak last week. Rush to airport after my class. When i reached airport, only i realised i forgot bring my jacket. Shieving in airport.
625pm flight. Saw Giant Bayan Baru, Tesco Extra, Sunway Carnival, Bandar Perda from the plane. Around 9pm, we reached Kuching. Checked-in hotel then find a place to took our dinner.

4 days 3 nights in Kuching. But there's nothing over there. We also went to the shopping mall at Kuching, and i just wanna say im proud to be born and live in Penang. =)
But the seafood is worth to eat. It's cheap and nice. Yum Yum.
Some pictures took during my trip.

stall no. 25 is quite famous

meow meow

state legislature


Hilton Hotel

Cultural Village

walk so far to get this cat

Textile Museum

Fort Magherita

me in the sampan

and at last

Happy Birthday to Shao Yao


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Can i?

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Someone told me that i should stop emo and stay happy from today onwards;
Someone reminded me that now im just a friend;
Someone taught me that i should not bother so much;
Someone asked me to think more about myself;
Someone told me that my test is more important.

Different people, different advise BUT the same motive.

Can i really do it?

Since something had happened, i can guess that you will escape from the problems that you face. But i never blame you. I have many examples that happened previously for me to refer although their status and gender might be different with me. I know what should i do so that you wont stay away from me. But sometimes it's hard for me to control myself. Really sorry about it. I dont want you feel guilty towards it. I just hope that you can recover soon and be relax. Dont ever say sorry again. Take the time to take good care of yourself. And maybe you will found something after it. =)
Please do remember there's no right or wrong in a relationship.


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- 11 months and 17 days -
- 347 days -


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考完 mid term test 后,
在去Gurney 的途中,听了好多好多朋友的故事。
我不会这么容易放弃的。。加油!倪佩佳。。 =)


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I finally get to understand that feeling. Finally~ Haiz. It torturing me whole day. Don't ever go and try it!
Had an unforgettable Sunday. Cant concentrate in my studies for the mid term test and end up forced myself to take a nap in the evening.
Please do appreciate what you guys have now. Don't regret later. Sometimes something will happened suddenly and out of expected.

at last
- Good Luck to STPM friends -


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It has been long time i didn't update my blog already. Miikael and Bak Chim started to ask me update my blog. Hehe.
Feel touched when i know that people are still paying attention on my blog. Thanks guys =)
Time passed so fast. Week 6 is coming soon which means that midterm tests are approaching. I wish i have 48 hours a day because i really lack of time! I need more and more time to do more things. T_T Sem 2 of year 2 is really tough enough for me. The most hectic life that i had in Tarc. Hope i can do well in this sem. If i could make it, then next sem will be very easy. *study hard work hard*
Short post for this time.

Genting - Colmar Tropicale - Malacca - KL

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Last Thursday (24 September 2009), my family and I went to Genting. Before that, Im so looking forward to it because I didn’t step into Genting for around 7 years already. Hoho. Depart in the early morning around 6.30am, stopped at Bidor took our breakfast and bought famous chicken biscuits. Yum yum. The curry mee over there not nice one. Penang’s better. ^^

Continue our journey after breakfast. We reached the crowded Genting at 11am. Starting worry how long do I need to wait for playing one game? Lol. Due to the hotel check-in time is 2pm, we went to play outdoors game first. Mum don’t want to play and she alone wait us at indoor.
Time for me to play. Yeah yeah. Everywhere is crowded with so many people. Need to wait wait wait. Haiz. Continue to play after lunch but no longer later, here comes the heavy rain. Hate it! I played 3 games only in outdoor. Damn sui la~ At first I planned to play this and that, but at the end all my plan is gone. T_T
No choice already. We just can play those indoor games and the dinner provided by First World Hotel is not nice at all. The dishes are so little.

The next day, we headed to Bukit Tinggi , Pahang. The buildings in Colmar tropicale which is located in Bukit Tinggi is something like 16th Century France village. The entrance fees for adult is Rm10 while children is Rm8. I like the air over there, it is fresh. I bought one hazelnuts croissant for Rm5 and one chocolate brownies for Rm10. Although the price is a bit expensive, but they are very delicious. Hope I got chance to eat again. Really must try it!

After visited Colmar Tropicale, we continue our trip to Malacca. I also have been long time didn’t visit to Malacca already. Nowadays, Malacca had changed a lot. There have Menara Taming Sari, River Cruise and also Eye on Malaysia. But I don’t have chance to go for Eye on Malaysia. We ate some famous food in Malacca such as chicken rice ball and satay celup. Satay celup is quite special and the taste not bad too.

Saturday, we went to visit Taman mini Malaysia & Asean in Ayeh Keroh, Malacca. Fewer visitors at there but have many mosquitoes. Hahahaha. After that, we went to KL fetch my sister back who had just finished her exam. No time to shop in KL because dad and mum have wedding dinner to attend at night.

End of my blog. Wow so long. Enjoy my trip with my family~ My memories about my life surely will gone without the blog. Hehehe.

Round whole Penang Island

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Yesterday, went to Balik Pulau buy famous laksa after my exam with my parents.
My head was already started to spin when i go in my car and yet my dad still wanna go Balik Pulau. Oh gosh! faint! Feel like wanna vomit all the way.
When we reached Balik Pulau, we couldn't find the laksa. After asked people over there for few times, we finally found it. yeah yeah ^^ Bought 3 packets of laksa.
After that, we headed to Bukit Genting Hill - "Little Genting" to take our dinner. This is my first time went there. The air is so cool n the scenery is not bad too. But the road up to the restaurant is very steep. Luckily our car had 3 person only. Hehe. The food there is not bad but my mum complaint it's abit too salty and oily. I like the otak -otak the most. Hohoho. Hope got chance to eat again.
Views of Genting Hill :

- view 1 -

- view 2 -

- another side view -

- view from the restaurant -

- The Menu -

52% + 31%

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Thanks to National Day, i get to buy Big Apple donuts and Baskin Robbins at discounted price. Just now purposely went to Aeon Seberang Perai to get it. The donuts is damn cheap. 6 pieces at only RM6 but no people is lining up. Why???

Have you ever see mini sewing machine? It's my first time saw such a small size sewing machine. Mum bought it at market which cost only RM10. It is so convenient and easy to use. ^^

Whee ^^

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Yesterday, went to Sunway Carnival with my dad and mum. Not for shopping purpose. Just want to extra buy the chicken essence from Eu Yan Sang. =D
That day my mum told me that Fila got one shoe looks like last time mine was having discount. So i went to have a look at it. Well, it's just a simple design and not expensive too.
And now the shoe is mine. My dad bought for me. HAHAHAHA. muacks..
The shoe have two colours only - white or black? My mum suggested me to buy black colour because she say black is nice and since my current shoe is already white in colour.
But due the "theory' that taught by shaoyao, i choose to buy white colour one. Lol. Im abit worrying of the white but nvm. Here's my shoe.
After that, we went to BBQ Chicken for our dinner. First time went there with my family. Yum Yum.... i ordered Korean Charbroiled..
The picture of Korean Charbroiled in the menu looks so nice but what i captured looks so blank. zZZ

Went home after that. whee~~~

Happy Birthday Mum

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Last Sunday, dad suggested go to Auto City to celebrate my mum's birthday in advance as in i Tuesday wont be at home.
Before we reach Auto city, dad already decided wanna celebrate at Tao. It has been few months for me didn't step into it which is since Xi yen's birthday celebration. We went to Tao without booking so we choose to sit at the lounge there so that can eat till they close the shop (although i know it is impossible for us to eat so much ). =D
We were enjoying our dinner at there but weird. My dad and mum eat so little. I eat more than them. OMG! I'm going to fat soon!!!
Went to Guardiant after that to buy all my facial stuffs then back home.
Today~ my lovely mum Birthday.
Happy Birthday mum~
Just now my sis msg told me that my dad didn't bought cake for my mum. WHY?? what is happening? suprise? hmmm... i'm going to check out what is happening when i go back on wednesday. ^^

Exam time table

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Exam time table is OUT !!!
I hate this time table so much and i guess everyone does.
Law n Tax in the same day and MIS is before that day. zZZZ
This time really gai liao. I hope i have enough time to study all.
Good luck to every Tarcian for the coming exam~


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26 July 2009 - my first blog is born at 4.38pm
I cant have a nap now due to the Hot weather.
suddenly got the feel to create a blog n here my blog is created. =)
please do visit often ba !!