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Last day of 2009~
2009 is the most special year among this 19 years for me.
This year Im going to make a overall conclusion for 09 of mine because there are too many things happened in this year no matter is good or bad.

Thanks my family bring me go for vacation for about 3 times in this year.
Thanks for gave me lots of love although it is not available now already.
Thanks my friends for helping me around this year.
Thanks to everyone and sorry for what i had done wrongly throughout the year.

Year 2009:
First time visited to my friends' house during Chinese New Year.
First time celebrated Valentine day.
First time my close relative passed away.
First time need to solve everything, mentally or physically, by myself.
First time experienced a great Xmas eve with my friends.
First time my TVXQ and SJ faced a serious problem with their management company.
First time-first time-first time.
There are too many first time and i cant list out all.
Some of these first time bring lots of happiness to me but in the same time some also leads me to become more tough in facing any challenges, leads me to be more independent, leads me to appreciate family and friends around me, leads me to accept the truth and cruel of the world, etc.

2010, a whole new life.
Anything going to be a re-start.
Hope everything will be smooth in year 2010.
All the best to everyone.

Christmas eve 2009

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My very first time went to celebrate Christmas eve.
A rush day.
Went back my sweet home after my lecture dismiss,
but once i reached home and plan to rest,
my friend text me said that they are coming to fetch me. Lol.
That time i still haven't take my shower.
Prepared myself in 15 minutes and they reached.
Headed to Auto City to have our dinner in Tao.

Early birds


Late-late comers. Haha.
Forgot to took another one.

Went to play mahjung after that.
Im still a newbie but they are pro-kaki.
Now i know to play mahjung but still don't know how to play cards. Haha.
Had our countdown at Starbucks.
Thanks William for treat us the drinks. Whee~~

~ Merry Xmas ~

19th Birthday

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Im officially 19 on 20th Dec 09.
Last year of age start with "1".
Going to become older and older. T_T
This year the birthday turns to normal again.

Went to Soho celebrate my birthday with my family.

- Soho -

- Chicken Cordon Bleu -

- Guinness Draught -

" Happy birthday to ME "


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BBQ and steamboat again~
Went for gathering with my high school classmate last weekend and i suddenly realised that my ex-classmate really like to BBQ. haha.
This time the BBQ held at Jing Zhou's father's store house. Again, im latecomer. The location is very chim ya. I used 20min to round in the taman to find it. haha. Make a lot of funny things with Eeng Ling when we are finding that house.
I still got met most of them after graduate except my ex-monitor. =)
All still the same. not much changes.
Miss the high school time. Dont have any worries.
Love to chat with them although sometimes is quite swt. haha.
Thanks for the small suprise. *i can guess it before the BBQ* =D

Chit chat-ing

Weiloon is busying for the last round

Forcing Jiawei to face the camera but end up also useless

Me and my Ji Mui


both crazy d

Chinese new year we will have our class gathering again. Especially for Xianhui who is still studying at China. haha. Cant wait for that. ^^
Keep in touch~!

Again and Again

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They are back~!
As usual, four of us went to yum cha in the early morning once both of them are back. =)
Chit chat a lot and was laughing in the whole morning ^^
We stay at the dim sum shop until our tea become tasteless.

= Four of us =

= Me and Miss Eeng Ling =

= The 10 years brother =

7th December

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Thanks for you guys concern.
Really glad of having you guys as my friends.
One year ago, it was started with happily.
Unfortunately, one year later, it was ended.
Being emo since yesterday.
Think a lot of past.
Dont worry friend, i will be recovering completely soon.
As what you all said, what i need is time.
Time cures everything.



祝福你们吧~ =)

Sarawak Trip

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Had a trip with my parents to Kuching, Sarawak last week. Rush to airport after my class. When i reached airport, only i realised i forgot bring my jacket. Shieving in airport.
625pm flight. Saw Giant Bayan Baru, Tesco Extra, Sunway Carnival, Bandar Perda from the plane. Around 9pm, we reached Kuching. Checked-in hotel then find a place to took our dinner.

4 days 3 nights in Kuching. But there's nothing over there. We also went to the shopping mall at Kuching, and i just wanna say im proud to be born and live in Penang. =)
But the seafood is worth to eat. It's cheap and nice. Yum Yum.
Some pictures took during my trip.

stall no. 25 is quite famous

meow meow

state legislature


Hilton Hotel

Cultural Village

walk so far to get this cat

Textile Museum

Fort Magherita

me in the sampan

and at last

Happy Birthday to Shao Yao