Round whole Penang Island

Posted by -pei chia- | Labels: | Posted On Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 10:50 AM

Yesterday, went to Balik Pulau buy famous laksa after my exam with my parents.
My head was already started to spin when i go in my car and yet my dad still wanna go Balik Pulau. Oh gosh! faint! Feel like wanna vomit all the way.
When we reached Balik Pulau, we couldn't find the laksa. After asked people over there for few times, we finally found it. yeah yeah ^^ Bought 3 packets of laksa.
After that, we headed to Bukit Genting Hill - "Little Genting" to take our dinner. This is my first time went there. The air is so cool n the scenery is not bad too. But the road up to the restaurant is very steep. Luckily our car had 3 person only. Hehe. The food there is not bad but my mum complaint it's abit too salty and oily. I like the otak -otak the most. Hohoho. Hope got chance to eat again.
Views of Genting Hill :

- view 1 -

- view 2 -

- another side view -

- view from the restaurant -

- The Menu -