Random VI

Posted by -pei chia- | Labels: | Posted On Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 1:47 PM

Deng! im here just to do a simple update for my blog to keep it alive. Hoho.
As shown, my final is around the corner and everyone is busying prepare for it.
This time i get a super "great" timetable ya. lol.
How come everytime when there is an event, my midterm and final for sure will crash with it ha? Couldn't attend my cousin's wedding dinner in May. At here, wish her stay happily with her husband forever ya. =))

Oh ya, recently i have make something as my habit, which is switch off my phone at night when im sleeping. Before that, i always heard my friend, my sis or even my family to do so. Some just leave the handphones in the living room instead of put it in the bedroom. Due to my laziness, i didn't do that for the past few years until my mum told me about a baby issue. The issue is something like this : A mum always use her phone to set the alarm and put it at nearby of her bed when she is sleeping and now she gave a birth. The baby have his heart outside of his body. This is the consequence of the radio action from the phone. Can you imagine about that?

Since i heard about the issue, i started to switch off my phone every night.
So everyone,
please off your handphone when you are sleeping.

Prevention is better than cure. =)