The 20th Birthday

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20th birthday on 20th dec 2010.
I've pass a great great birthday in this year.
First of all, thanks to all my houstemate include those seniors for the pre birthday celebration.
Because my last paper was on 15th dec and i went back to hometown after my exam, so they celebrate with me earlier. Thanks you guys so much for celebrate my birthday with me while im busy packing my stuff.

making wish~*

it's me with my first birthday cake. ^^*

LiYing, me, Yuwei

Ivyone and me

HuiChien, me, ChungKiang, ChunSiong and ShyunIn

Received few calls before 12am and it make me suspect you guys. =p
what i guess is totally correct!
Thanks for coming my house and gave me a suprise.
I did really have a blast birthday.

the 2nd birthday cakes

Thanks for the celebration! =)

my 3rd birthday cake *yum yum*

our meals in chili's

Free brownies xoxo niceeee~*

Seriously im so glad that i can celebrated my birthday together with my buddies for this 2 years somemore is 12am sharp on 20th Dec.
Thanks to my family as well for celebrate with me every year.
I just realised that in this 20 years, my birthday never fall on school days. =p

At last, thank you for all the birthday wishes.
Wish u guys stay healthy and happy always ya!

Class gathering

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Steamboat night!
Can i dont want to have steamboat anymore for the next 3 months? Lol.
It's our class gathering again but too bad this time not that much ppl attend compare to last year.
Anyway, we did enjoyed a lot and had lots of fun.
Thanks to Mr. Thai for organize this event. =)

ZuWei, JingZhou, Me, YeeChong & JiaWei

ZuWei, MengTien, EengLing, HoaiNi
MengYew, WeiLoon & YeeChong

Quite funny right? :D

and i LOVE this! XOXO

Dad's big day

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Sem break luh~~~!


my first activity was had a birthday celebration for my dad.

Headed to Auto City after my sis's exam.

Free birthday gift from Sakae :
*- Izakaya Special -*

After that we went to swensens for desserts.
Xmas decorations were found in there and it reminds me of christmas is coming soon.

Fondue *yummy yummy*

Free black forest cake from Swensens.

Happy belated birthday dad!
Happy belated birthday Xiah Junsu!

Gonna enjoy my holidays first before worry about my result.
Next station : Steamboat with my buddies.