52% + 31%

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Thanks to National Day, i get to buy Big Apple donuts and Baskin Robbins at discounted price. Just now purposely went to Aeon Seberang Perai to get it. The donuts is damn cheap. 6 pieces at only RM6 but no people is lining up. Why???

Have you ever see mini sewing machine? It's my first time saw such a small size sewing machine. Mum bought it at market which cost only RM10. It is so convenient and easy to use. ^^

Whee ^^

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Yesterday, went to Sunway Carnival with my dad and mum. Not for shopping purpose. Just want to extra buy the chicken essence from Eu Yan Sang. =D
That day my mum told me that Fila got one shoe looks like last time mine was having discount. So i went to have a look at it. Well, it's just a simple design and not expensive too.
And now the shoe is mine. My dad bought for me. HAHAHAHA. muacks..
The shoe have two colours only - white or black? My mum suggested me to buy black colour because she say black is nice and since my current shoe is already white in colour.
But due the "theory' that taught by shaoyao, i choose to buy white colour one. Lol. Im abit worrying of the white but nvm. Here's my shoe.
After that, we went to BBQ Chicken for our dinner. First time went there with my family. Yum Yum.... i ordered Korean Charbroiled..
The picture of Korean Charbroiled in the menu looks so nice but what i captured looks so blank. zZZ

Went home after that. whee~~~

Happy Birthday Mum

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Last Sunday, dad suggested go to Auto City to celebrate my mum's birthday in advance as in i Tuesday wont be at home.
Before we reach Auto city, dad already decided wanna celebrate at Tao. It has been few months for me didn't step into it which is since Xi yen's birthday celebration. We went to Tao without booking so we choose to sit at the lounge there so that can eat till they close the shop (although i know it is impossible for us to eat so much ). =D
We were enjoying our dinner at there but weird. My dad and mum eat so little. I eat more than them. OMG! I'm going to fat soon!!!
Went to Guardiant after that to buy all my facial stuffs then back home.
Today~ my lovely mum Birthday.
Happy Birthday mum~
Just now my sis msg told me that my dad didn't bought cake for my mum. WHY?? what is happening? suprise? hmmm... i'm going to check out what is happening when i go back on wednesday. ^^

Exam time table

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Exam time table is OUT !!!
I hate this time table so much and i guess everyone does.
Law n Tax in the same day and MIS is before that day. zZZZ
This time really gai liao. I hope i have enough time to study all.
Good luck to every Tarcian for the coming exam~