Bunny year

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Blogging about my Bunny chinese new year~*
Thia year my cousin them didn't come back for the reunion dinner from kl and so our our reunion dinner in this year slightly changed a bit. No BBQ for this year as the amount of members cut 1/3. :D Most of us at here cant eat alot compared with them. Hence, we decided to make it simple.

Make a visit to our buddies' house on Chu 3 and 4. Eling make the planning and it really works. Had dim sum as breakfast in the morning and the total is quite alot. Rm110 for 7 ppl. Normal price is about RM8-9 per person. Jingzhou said that the people might count wrong as he saw her count twice for some plates. But then when he told us, we already leaved the shop. @@ swt!

Went to few houses for the visiting and of cause thanks to Eling for sponsor the lunch of the day - steamboat. whee~~ Headed to nibong tebal for visiting XianHui in the next day. A funny thing had happened. Our planning was started our journey at 10am but end up William cant wake up in time and we delayed our schedule. 1 car reached there at 1030am and the other 2 cars reached at 12pm. As expected, get scolded from them. Haha! Anyway, thanks to those who driving on that 2 days. 辛苦了!

Take lots of photos during the whole journey and the following are my favourite~! :))


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