Crazy BFF

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June! Friends have came back for holidays from other places.
And yes my timing is perfect. Able to meet up with them during the last weekend. :)
Camwhore with them. They are so damn crazy! =D
I miss everyone of you. Will be back soon..!

It's june june june. Ktar friends already went to Sheffield for their 3 months degree course.
Im always envy to those who are able to study abroad. Im really really hope im one of them.
But i know it wouldn't happen in my life. But it's ok at least i still can have my vacation to overseas.
Whee~ Plans have been made and hopefully everything will goes smooth after my degree! hehe cant wait for it! =D

End of this post.
Gonna attend class soon.
See ya!

First weekend

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Week 1, the most free week throughout the whole semester. Supposing i will be at kl for the weekend but due to some reason, i have to cancel the plan. Change from kl to ipoh. We make a sudden decision to go for shopping at Aeon Station 18. Aeon Station 18 is the new shopping mall which located at Ipoh. It's a nice place to go. Lots of shop lots have officially opened. Nice shopping mall to go compare to the Jusco Kinta city and Ipoh Parade. Indeed, we all have a great day. Looking forward for the next season before we graduate.

Here are the girls 

& the guy. =) 
 "Padini" staff~! haha

This year grandma birthday dinner is not going to do on the actual date. Im going to miss the dinner with families and cousins due to activities in school. :( i wanna eat ho liao la weyyy~ 
Cant wait to go back hometown next week. Dad & Mum are going to be home soon and i cant wait for my souvenir! hehehe.. 

End of this post. 
See ya. =]