My first Daorae

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It's time to update my blog after being lazy around for the whole week. =p
I gonna thanks my cousin alot for providing me accommodation and dinner everyday in this two years and yet it was free of charge. =D Last day of staying in Hillside Garden, we went to Daorae to take our dinner as both of my cousins knew i love korea foods.
Consider farewell for me? Hahaz.
That would be the first time i stepped in Daorae. Knew about Daorae through TVXQ as they always dine in at Daorae Puchong whenever they held concert or conference in Msia. Same to the other Korea artists. =)
The foods overall are not bad. I like the pancakes and also the BBQ meat. *yum yum*
The waiter is too honest. Lolx. When we are trying to order the unagi, he shake his head to tell us the unagi is not nice.
Funny right?
But too bad, i don't like their services. They take the bill to the customers before customers finish their foods and request for the bill. It looks like abit no manners. =(

[ Daorae in Tanjong Tokong ]

[ Took with TVXQ poster ]

[ My bed which i slept on for the 2 years in Penang ]

All about my college life :

The last page

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Woohoo~! I have completed my diploma successfully. 2 years of my diploma life in TARc is over within a blink of eyes. Time really flies with high speed. xD Lots of things happened in my college life but no matter what are them, i will keep all memories deeply in my heart. I would like to say im happy to know all of you. You, you, you, you and you~! Thanks for all of you appeared in my college life and brings alot of fun and happiness to me. M2 is my class for this 2 years in TARc. Although i don't have much memories of M2, but i still wanna thanks you all of being my classmates.
Catch up the last chance to take the following photos. =)

I'm from Penang TARc. ^^

Our college auditorium where we sit for our exam from the 1st sem till the last sem.

Here is the car park where i used to park my little green myvi.

Beh, Sooyeang, me, Keewah and Tatt. Knew them since sem2. =)

Mikael and me.

My class for this 2 years - M2.

Ka Khim, Ivyone and me.

Goodbye Penang. Im going to miss my Penang night life. The paradise beach, Tanjong Bungah night market, Farlim night market, Gurney Plaza, Jelutong burger, bento, Ali mamak stall, Subaidah and many many more. I definitely will miss all of you. =D