Random II

Posted by -pei chia- | Labels: | Posted On Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 2:15 PM

Updating my blog while waiting for 1530.
My homesick is getting more and more serious. I couldn't imagine how am i going to survive for the following months. Midterm tests are approaching and lots of assignments are waiting for me. =(
I guess this week should be a great great weekend for me.
Im going back to Penang soon.
Dad is going back today too
Bro is going back on Friday.
Hope to meet up my buddies and so coincidence Eling is going back to Penang this week too.

Current condition of my leg.


Posted by -pei chia- | Labels: | Posted On Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 1:51 AM

It's 2am in the morning.
There's a little little rain in kampar now.
Again, tomorrow is evening class, so i not going to bed in that early. =p
Everything run smooth except of the subject registration. I have registered 7 subject for this sem but i just get 5. BUT, i was get shocked when i copy my timetable just now. Suddenly 1 more subject is added in my timetable. At least i can get 6 subjects in this sem. Hopes everything will be fine.

The only bad thing is about my leg.
Here's it. =(

Get burn from the exhaust paip of my friend's motor. The incident makes me wont forget the gathering forever~~~ Lol.
It's consider a good thing or bad?
A day after that, i went to uni as usual but the messages really make up my day. Im so happy and touch to receive msg from you guys. Thanks alot for the concern.

Hmmm. I should stop for today.
I think i will update everything about my uni life soon. =)