Mae Salong

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Mae Salong Thai Restaurant @ Sungai Petani.
Knew this restaurant from my friend's blog long time ago but i never have a chance to go over there. Mae Salong is a thai cuisine which is located in SP.
Last week finally i had the chance to go. Jio-ed by Jiawei & Jingzhou. Headed there with Eling and Yeechong as well. The environment over there is really nice but the food is just so so. Not really delicious. Different people might have different taste. Yeechong said the tomyam soup is nicer compared with Khuntai one but i dont think so. Well u all can have a try. It's super easy to go. :)

= the entrance =

My 2 weeks holiday left few days to go. Gonna start my intern next week! Bless me please.
Seriously when i mixes with my friends @ hometown, i feel more and more comfortable. As i always said, old friends still is the BEST! We dont care so much, talk about everything and laugh out loud. Dislikes Kampar's life so much but still have to overcome it. :s Hope everything will be better in the coming year. Face it dont fear! :)


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This is not your room.
This is not only your friend's room.
This is not single room nor triple room.

At least if you want to do so,
just open the door slowly to get my attention first.
Please do respect me!