Group photos

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tadaa~ finally Eengling had upload the photos of our gathering.
Here is it. =)


Gathering marathon

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A short post will do for this time.
Well, several gatherings are attended by me before all of us further our studies at other places. I did enjoyed alot during the meet up with you girls. Thanks for all of that.

my BFF~
Although the planning stage is quite troublesome but we still able to make it.

Friends from NS~*
Too bad another 3 of them couldn't attend our annual gathering. =D

Form 2 classmates~^^
Thanks chia yin for organised this small gathering. I was worried too much at the beginning. But then I'm glad that we still have so much topics to chat and i really felt that the time had turned back to 6 years ago. Miss the moment so much.

1 more photo will be update soon.
[ gathering with my buddiessss]
Please stay tuned. hehe

Wishes all the best to all of you for the future undertakings.
Good lucks and dont forget me. =p

Holiday in Genting

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ho-ho-ho I should update this post last week but because of my lazyness, i keep on delay it until today. =D

Went to Genting for my holidays. Hmmm. Why we'll plan to go for genting? The reason is so simple. Because of i said " I want to go too!". haha. Mun just came back from Genting a month ago whereas i just went there on last year September. But both of us didn't care so much and we started to plan it. Everything run smooth. =)

The day reached. We start our journey at 1045pm. A long long journey. Everyone in the bus was falling asleep except me. Im the only one who still stay awake in the bus. Listening to my MP3 and looking the high-way scenery. Rain was there but i still couldn't sleep because my sleeping time still haven't reach. Lol. Soon, we reached Genting at 4am. O_o What to do in that early morning? We took our breakfast at a 24 hours coffee shop. I think that was the first time i took my breakfast so early. After breakfast, we have nothing to do again. Sat at the lobby for waiting.

Tik tok~ tik tok~ Finally it's 9am~! We went to buy our theme park ticket and start from indoor games first. Meet a group of people over there and we played the games together. =) Then, we headed to outdoor theme park at 10am. Started to play everything non-stop. The weather is so good. No rain for the whole morning.

We had 1 hour break in the noon. We took our lunch and checked in our room. After that, we continued our games again. At first, we were so worried that we couldn’t finish all the games. Haha. But, we successfully played every games except the 3 games: Dinosaurland, Matahari and Corkscrew. Mun encouraged me to play the Corkscrew but after I paid extra Rm10 to play the flying coaster, I really not dare to play the Corkscrew. It’s 360 degree turning leh. So scary. =S

Dinner time. We have BBQ and steamboat as our dinner. The price is consider cheap in Genting. After the 2 hours dinner, we have nothing to do again because we already played every indoor and outdoor games by 630pm. We walked around in the First World plaza and sat the Rio Float again and again. Around 10smtg, i started to blur. My head was so heavy as i didn't sleep for the whole day. After 33 hours of awake, i finally down. Back to my room bath then sleep. =)

The next day, we woke up quite late in the morning and packed everything. Took our brunch and also some photos before we went back to Penang. Hehe. It was really a fun trip. Too bad Dee can't join us.

Camwhoring in the lobby. =p

First world hotel.

Seriously i like this photo so much. *captured by me*

Sungai Rejang Flume Ride, we r0de for 3 times. Lol.

We changed the aluminium foil for 2 times. *tam chiak*

My face became so reddish after the bbq. The first time. =D

Flying coaster station.

Goodbye Genting.