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Yesh! Viva for our FYP is over and it ended succefully. 
Actually, many friends around us felt so tension and nervous before the viva.
But what happened to my group? Our group dont feel any nervous towards the viva. Even me also one night before only start to prepare and memorize. All of us were super steady! haha.

Anyway, sincerely thanks to our supervisor, Pn Yati. Indeed, she is a really good supervisor though at the first place she does not help us much in our FYP. :D And now, the FYP is almost comes to the end. 2 weeks to amend and gonna hand in after that. Degree students should really feel glad that having this project. It's tiring, exhausting, crazying but yet it is a brand new experience to me. =)

 CSR disclosure group with supervisor and 2nd examiner. :)

Pre graduation photo taking

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6th July 2012 ~
We took our pre graduation photo at Herritage Hall yesterday.
It reminds me that we are graduating soon, leaving this small town and say bye to all coursemates.
Most of them are going to work first before take ACCA, some going for internship before complete their degree course.

Friends have started to ask what am i going to do after this. Hmm what am i actually going to do? Will have a 3-months holidays before i start my ACCA studies. Anyone please feel free to date me in this 3 months. haha.. Plan to do part time job in this 3 months and have a vacation to my dream place. =D

Well, just leave the future behind and let the pictures talk about present.

Me in formal wear.

Casual wear.

Formal group photo.

Formal V shape.

Our theme, colourful Mickey theme. 

Seriously, i love all the photos so much. The outcomes and effects are niceeee.. For more pictures, you all can view from my facebook. =)

Im going to have my oral examination for my final year project next week. It's actually called VIVA or known as viva voce. Hope everything will goes smooth. Second examiner, please dont shoot us so much ya! hehe.

Details of my viva:
12th July 2012, 1200pm till 1240pm @ Library multi purpose room
Good luck groupmates, fight for the last.

End of this post.
Will update more after viva. =]