KL-Genting trip

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Our BFF trip is finally on!
Waited for so long and finally it's happening.
Spent a wonderful weekend with my BFF.
Lazy to talk so much, so just let the photos to talk! =)

Meatballs in Ikea. *thumb up*

Dark chocolate cakes. *thumb up*

Snowflakes signature. *thumb up*

3 little girls :p

Super like this photo! haha~

Super thanks my bff, Eling for the hospitality. The trip is really fun and we finally had our pillow talk for hourssss. =]
Meet u all soon in bworth.


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August~! It's August.
Counting down every moments.
3 weeks left in Kampar.
10 days left study in UTAR.
1 month to go for my final exam.

Enjoy and Good Luck =]


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Yesh! Viva for our FYP is over and it ended succefully. 
Actually, many friends around us felt so tension and nervous before the viva.
But what happened to my group? Our group dont feel any nervous towards the viva. Even me also one night before only start to prepare and memorize. All of us were super steady! haha.

Anyway, sincerely thanks to our supervisor, Pn Yati. Indeed, she is a really good supervisor though at the first place she does not help us much in our FYP. :D And now, the FYP is almost comes to the end. 2 weeks to amend and gonna hand in after that. Degree students should really feel glad that having this project. It's tiring, exhausting, crazying but yet it is a brand new experience to me. =)

 CSR disclosure group with supervisor and 2nd examiner. :)

Pre graduation photo taking

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6th July 2012 ~
We took our pre graduation photo at Herritage Hall yesterday.
It reminds me that we are graduating soon, leaving this small town and say bye to all coursemates.
Most of them are going to work first before take ACCA, some going for internship before complete their degree course.

Friends have started to ask what am i going to do after this. Hmm what am i actually going to do? Will have a 3-months holidays before i start my ACCA studies. Anyone please feel free to date me in this 3 months. haha.. Plan to do part time job in this 3 months and have a vacation to my dream place. =D

Well, just leave the future behind and let the pictures talk about present.

Me in formal wear.

Casual wear.

Formal group photo.

Formal V shape.

Our theme, colourful Mickey theme. 

Seriously, i love all the photos so much. The outcomes and effects are niceeee.. For more pictures, you all can view from my facebook. =)

Im going to have my oral examination for my final year project next week. It's actually called VIVA or known as viva voce. Hope everything will goes smooth. Second examiner, please dont shoot us so much ya! hehe.

Details of my viva:
12th July 2012, 1200pm till 1240pm @ Library multi purpose room
Good luck groupmates, fight for the last.

End of this post.
Will update more after viva. =]

Crazy BFF

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June! Friends have came back for holidays from other places.
And yes my timing is perfect. Able to meet up with them during the last weekend. :)
Camwhore with them. They are so damn crazy! =D
I miss everyone of you. Will be back soon..!

It's june june june. Ktar friends already went to Sheffield for their 3 months degree course.
Im always envy to those who are able to study abroad. Im really really hope im one of them.
But i know it wouldn't happen in my life. But it's ok at least i still can have my vacation to overseas.
Whee~ Plans have been made and hopefully everything will goes smooth after my degree! hehe cant wait for it! =D

End of this post.
Gonna attend class soon.
See ya!

First weekend

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Week 1, the most free week throughout the whole semester. Supposing i will be at kl for the weekend but due to some reason, i have to cancel the plan. Change from kl to ipoh. We make a sudden decision to go for shopping at Aeon Station 18. Aeon Station 18 is the new shopping mall which located at Ipoh. It's a nice place to go. Lots of shop lots have officially opened. Nice shopping mall to go compare to the Jusco Kinta city and Ipoh Parade. Indeed, we all have a great day. Looking forward for the next season before we graduate.

Here are the girls 

& the guy. =) 
 "Padini" staff~! haha

This year grandma birthday dinner is not going to do on the actual date. Im going to miss the dinner with families and cousins due to activities in school. :( i wanna eat ho liao la weyyy~ 
Cant wait to go back hometown next week. Dad & Mum are going to be home soon and i cant wait for my souvenir! hehehe.. 

End of this post. 
See ya. =]

Last semester

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New semester is started. I would like say it loudly that it's my final semester.
Been waiting for this day to arrive and yes finally im graduating soon.
Hopefully everything will goes smooth and ended my university life with a smile.

Have not signed in blogspot for months. New layout is there and i love it so much.
It motivated me to update my blog more often. Haha.

Weekend with cousin

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Wee~ Had a wonderful weekend with cousins! =)
Finally get the chance to back to the lovely hometown.
It's was a Cheng Beng weekend;
It's was an Earth hour weekend;
It's was a cousin weekend.

Due to the Cheng Beng, some of my cousin came back for it. For the past previous years, most of my cousin didn't come back and some go to kl for their studies. And so, normally among the youngs, only me and another cousin went to Cheng Beng with our parents. It's quite boring sometimes. Hehe but in this recent years, after my grandpa passed away, they started to come back for Cheng Beng.

Normally we would have our breakfast after Cheng Beng and this time we went to SP for the Da You Ping dim sum. Geh's tradition, those who have started to work have to treat the whole Geh families. This time is my sis turn. =D

Last Saturday was the Earth hour event, Im pretty sure that every Starbucks fans knew the promotion. =) I couldn't remember when was my last time to have Starbucks but if i'm not mistaken, it should on the last year christmas eve or new year eve. :D My cousin did a hilarious thing during the Earth hour. By check in via foursquare, we are able to get a free frappuccino. My cousin was the most yeng one in the Starbucks. hahah she brought her laptop along and checked in by using laptop instead of smartphone. Thinking out of the box is so important. =) and i think the Barista super shocked with it as the rest were using smartphones and ipad. Enjoyed the moments with cousin.

and and and i did get to have my Chatime which i also had craving for a long time. Don't blame me for the little stupid craving. Kampar is just a small town which don't have all of these. Miss Penang food all the time.

Well, this week gonna be a bored weekend again. Knew that my UUM friends all went back to Penang d but i couldn't meet up with them. :(

Endless work

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Hello blogspot..!
So sorry for abandoned you for few months..

Still, Was and Am busying with my courseworks.
Assignments, midterms, presentations, final year project are seems like will never end in my uni life.
Indeed, UTAR is Universiti Tak Ada Rehat.
It's quite common to be so busy in the whole semester.
Still got 1.5 semester to go and i cant wait for the day to arrive.

There're lots of things for me to update.
Previously for sure i will updated about it.
But too bad and too sad to say,
Plurk - Twitter - Blogspot
used to be my best listener, and now they cant works anymore.
As one of my friends said before, those who plurk, tweet and blog love to SS.
Oh yesh! It's undeniable. We love to SS!
I actually rely on them so much whenever i wanna express my emo feeling.
Other people would normally complain or grumble to their lovers, friends or families whenever they sad or emo.
But to me, i love to share those things to my plurk, tweet or blog.
N now i realised that it's quite dangerous to do so and better not to do so. =(

Gonna find my own listener from now onwards.
Who wanna be my best listener ya?
Btw thanks to those who are my real friends yea.. Thanks for all the advise, sharing and caring!
XOXO Love you all so much~! :)

Will try to update my blog more often.
See u next time!