Endless work

Posted by -pei chia- | Labels: | Posted On Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 11:07 PM

Hello blogspot..!
So sorry for abandoned you for few months..

Still, Was and Am busying with my courseworks.
Assignments, midterms, presentations, final year project are seems like will never end in my uni life.
Indeed, UTAR is Universiti Tak Ada Rehat.
It's quite common to be so busy in the whole semester.
Still got 1.5 semester to go and i cant wait for the day to arrive.

There're lots of things for me to update.
Previously for sure i will updated about it.
But too bad and too sad to say,
Plurk - Twitter - Blogspot
used to be my best listener, and now they cant works anymore.
As one of my friends said before, those who plurk, tweet and blog love to SS.
Oh yesh! It's undeniable. We love to SS!
I actually rely on them so much whenever i wanna express my emo feeling.
Other people would normally complain or grumble to their lovers, friends or families whenever they sad or emo.
But to me, i love to share those things to my plurk, tweet or blog.
N now i realised that it's quite dangerous to do so and better not to do so. =(

Gonna find my own listener from now onwards.
Who wanna be my best listener ya?
Btw thanks to those who are my real friends yea.. Thanks for all the advise, sharing and caring!
XOXO Love you all so much~! :)

Will try to update my blog more often.
See u next time!