One day in Cameron

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Have a visit to Cameron Highlands after settled my Uni stuff on last Friday. Woke up at 5 something in the early morning. Slept for few hours only and yet still need to drive all the way. This time dad didn't limit my speed. So speed speed speed. Hohoho! Luckily don't have road block in the highway like yesterday. phew~
Took KFC as our lunch in Cameron because im so hate to eat cold chicken rice again and again. I still remember which shop we used to take our meal at whenever we went to Cameron. The weather in Cameron is so nice. Love it!

Spend alot of money at Cameron. Bought these for myself. Haha. One for my hostel, one for my car. Bought lots of strawberries and cactus as well. We planned to take our dinner in Ipoh and wanna buy the roti curry chicken. End up we lost in Ipoh. =D At last, we took our dinner at 9pm and reached home at around 10pm. A tiring journey. Lack of sleeping time. xD


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