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BBQ and steamboat again~
Went for gathering with my high school classmate last weekend and i suddenly realised that my ex-classmate really like to BBQ. haha.
This time the BBQ held at Jing Zhou's father's store house. Again, im latecomer. The location is very chim ya. I used 20min to round in the taman to find it. haha. Make a lot of funny things with Eeng Ling when we are finding that house.
I still got met most of them after graduate except my ex-monitor. =)
All still the same. not much changes.
Miss the high school time. Dont have any worries.
Love to chat with them although sometimes is quite swt. haha.
Thanks for the small suprise. *i can guess it before the BBQ* =D

Chit chat-ing

Weiloon is busying for the last round

Forcing Jiawei to face the camera but end up also useless

Me and my Ji Mui


both crazy d

Chinese new year we will have our class gathering again. Especially for Xianhui who is still studying at China. haha. Cant wait for that. ^^
Keep in touch~!


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