Christmas eve 2009

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My very first time went to celebrate Christmas eve.
A rush day.
Went back my sweet home after my lecture dismiss,
but once i reached home and plan to rest,
my friend text me said that they are coming to fetch me. Lol.
That time i still haven't take my shower.
Prepared myself in 15 minutes and they reached.
Headed to Auto City to have our dinner in Tao.

Early birds


Late-late comers. Haha.
Forgot to took another one.

Went to play mahjung after that.
Im still a newbie but they are pro-kaki.
Now i know to play mahjung but still don't know how to play cards. Haha.
Had our countdown at Starbucks.
Thanks William for treat us the drinks. Whee~~

~ Merry Xmas ~


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