Tiring Sunday

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Tiring day~~~~
Im so so so so tired!!!
Lots of assignments, midterm and presentation held continuously.
Why the arrangement is so not nice?
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
This was the first time i have my midterm on Sunday. It's so ridiculous.
After the midterm, i still have to rush for preparing the role play for Monday.
Totally cant feel that it was my weekend.
Anyhow, preparation had done so rush in time. We couldn't believe that we can make it in such a short time. =)
Hopefully everything will goes smooth later.

Some random photos when preparation is conducting:

"HR representative - Executive - Jim"

"Emily - Lena"

"Story teller"

p/s : Going home soon. Sorry la Agu.. I cant wait till you reach Kampar. See you guys in b'worth ya. ^^


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