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Few days in hometown and guess what me and my sis have done when our parents were not around. :D
We plan to clean our house and wash those dirty clothes


1st, we dont know how to run the washing machine. It's not same with my hostel one and so we simply press the button to run it. Lol. After my mum came back, i only knew that the way we run the washing machine was totally wrong.

2nd, there are 2 mops in my house and i dont know which one is use for indoor cleaning.

3rd, there are also 2 types of floor cleanser. Again, i dont know how to differenciate it.

Seriously felt guilty about it. Gonna help my mum to do the houseworks next time. =)

End up, here comes the blister. =(

Around 2 more weeks to go for the final exam. God bless me please~~~
Good luck to everyone!

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