Sem break

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Holidays ended and new sem has started.

Glad that I've fully utilized my 3 weeks ++ holidays.

Get to meet up with all my lovely friend.






my crazy gang.

First of all, im so sorry to Xuehui for accidentally delete the photos that we took on that night. It's quite a lot and meaningful to us. A great memory but then really sorry for not checking properly.

Next, my BFF~*
Gathering without Mun. I miss you all. =D

Spend most of the time with them - the crazy gang but yet happy family. =)
Movie, steamboat, mahjong, breakfast, supper.

And my last week of holidays was at here - Beijing. ❤ ❤ ❤

Done a simple update. I hate my laziness so much.
Anyway, a whole new sem has started.
Gonna work harder in this sem in order to get a better result.
Sorry to those who ask me to visit them in Kl, this sem i really cant make it.
Hopefully it will be done on next sem. =p


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