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Woke up at 620am today and till now i still haven't headed to my bed.
Today~ It's today~
Finally i had communicate with my downstairs housemates. Although some of them had already went back to their hometown but we still able to talk with the rest. I was staying at this hostel for around 2 months, but because our hostel is 3 stories and yet every floor have own mini kitchen and every rooms have their own toilets, so we are quite difficult to meet with the rest and talk to them. Even more worst, today was the 1st time i met one of my housemate - Cherrish. Lol.
Most of them are our senior, all are Penang Lang~! ^^
The world is so small. I can't believe that the sister of my housemate is my friend. =D
It's good to hear that and makes me feel that we are getting closer to each other. All of them are so nice and the most important thing is we can Zhor Xiao together. Huhuhu.
Hopes that we can live together happily. =)

* 1149 *

Congratz to my besties, Miss Xiao Han aka Ivyone;
Stay happily and stay sweet together with your Mr.J ya;


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