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I have finished my 3rd paper yesterday. Not in study mood after that.
Chatting with Miss Ivyone through msn. This is the first time i chat with her for so long.

Miss Ivyone - she is the first friend that i mix with in my class. We used to attend our sport activity together. She is the best groupmate for all the assignments in this 2 years, the most suitable friend that can consult me when im having problems. Whee~ We are getting closer in this 2 months.
Appreciate the friendship. =)

During the chatting, we talked about the past . present . future
Something that i realied is Chung Ling Butterworth students are always connected with Jit Sin High School students.
This does happened to my friends and her friends. The world is so small. =D
Felt happy with the chatting. I don't know why. Haha.

Quoted from her :
[ Life is too short, please do love yourself more ]

Friendship Quotes from

Friendship Quotes

Hopes our friendship will last forever. Take care. ^^


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