Weekend with cousin

Posted by -pei chia- | Labels: | Posted On Friday, April 6, 2012 at 4:28 PM

Wee~ Had a wonderful weekend with cousins! =)
Finally get the chance to back to the lovely hometown.
It's was a Cheng Beng weekend;
It's was an Earth hour weekend;
It's was a cousin weekend.

Due to the Cheng Beng, some of my cousin came back for it. For the past previous years, most of my cousin didn't come back and some go to kl for their studies. And so, normally among the youngs, only me and another cousin went to Cheng Beng with our parents. It's quite boring sometimes. Hehe but in this recent years, after my grandpa passed away, they started to come back for Cheng Beng.

Normally we would have our breakfast after Cheng Beng and this time we went to SP for the Da You Ping dim sum. Geh's tradition, those who have started to work have to treat the whole Geh families. This time is my sis turn. =D

Last Saturday was the Earth hour event, Im pretty sure that every Starbucks fans knew the promotion. =) I couldn't remember when was my last time to have Starbucks but if i'm not mistaken, it should on the last year christmas eve or new year eve. :D My cousin did a hilarious thing during the Earth hour. By check in via foursquare, we are able to get a free frappuccino. My cousin was the most yeng one in the Starbucks. hahah she brought her laptop along and checked in by using laptop instead of smartphone. Thinking out of the box is so important. =) and i think the Barista super shocked with it as the rest were using smartphones and ipad. Enjoyed the moments with cousin.

and and and i did get to have my Chatime which i also had craving for a long time. Don't blame me for the little stupid craving. Kampar is just a small town which don't have all of these. Miss Penang food all the time.

Well, this week gonna be a bored weekend again. Knew that my UUM friends all went back to Penang d but i couldn't meet up with them. :(